What else could create a more refreshing atmosphere in a home then a light, fresh fragrant? Scents directly affect emotions, awake memories and influence humans well being.But living in a world smelling of artificial perfumes and ready made room fragrance the awarenessof the origin of a scent and the value of it gets lost in nowadays society.
The “ AROMA “ porcelain set invites the user, to search for the essence of scents and to start creating ones own personal room fragrance.Just by experimenting and improvising with ingredients found at home such as spices from the kitchen and fresh herbs from the balcony, mixed and steamed over a candle.
The set of fine porcelain and noble brass reminds on traditional tools of an alchemist. Materials,perfect for the use with heat, made to create a unique fragrant.
The clear shape of the circle dominates the design of the set of porcelain bowl with lid, the brass stand and the tray and spoon.
AROMA is simple but sensual at same in from and function, inviting the user to discover the world of scents!

A Journey to Morocco inspired me to do this piece of work, as I became familiar with very ancient traditions of steaming and fumigating scents. In Morocco it is still rooted in society to steam herbs and essences of plant oils within spiritual
rituals but also in daily life to clear and refresh the house,
to prevent and to cure from illness in example.
For each purpose there are a large number of ingredients used and mixed from special recipes.

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