OIKOS is the result of the research of food culture at the working space and enhances to acknowledge the qualities of eating together at the office as a bonding factor within the team. It is a table designed for creative working environments and emphasise on the importance of social connection achieved by cooking and eating together. Simply enough, it invites people to gather around it in order to work, eat or cook together.

The table is designed as an `island` which functions as a central meeting-point for the space members. The two meters long oak plate lays on a metal construction which can be knocked-down to a flat package. The existence of the wood as a `warm` material, creates a great contrast to the industrial black powder coated metal profiles, which draw a fine and elegant silhouette. The table top includes electrical sockets, storage place and an induction stove which is covered by a lid when not in use. This setup allows the table to be used both for working and cooking. For further storage space, the table consists of four large metal drawers in different sizes which located under the tabletop.  To provide location flexibility, which is needed in many open working spaces, the table was designed as a two-wheeled wagon which can be lifted and pushed away.  At the height of one meter, the table makes it easy to work while standing and emphasises on the dynamical workflow which characterises nowadays creative and co-working spaces.


OIKOS was designed to give people a platform which brings cooking and eating culture into focus and uses it as tool to connect and let people come together.


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